Reedville/Vir-Mar Beach/Smith Point Loop

Beach/Smith Point Loop

Explore 28 miles of the easternmost portion of the Northern Neck, including the fishing village of Reedville, dozens of inlets and a beach. For an extended tour on the Chesapeake Bay, hop on a cruise to the Tangier Island.

This loop begins in Reedville, founded in 1874 by Elijah Reed who moved his menhaden fishing operation from Maine to the Chesapeake Bay; today the ambience reminiscent of a New England village is recognized as an historic district. From Reedville, on Routes 360/Northumberland Highway, take either Blackberry Road or Sunnybank Road to Route 352 to Sunnybank Road. Ride the free ferry across the Little Wicomico River to Ophelia (ferry operates Monday-Saturday). Take Route 644/Hacks Neck Road to Route 643 to Vir-Mar Beach public landing on the Potomac River. Double back on Route 643 on to Route 644 to Route 646/Folly Road at Gonyon. Cross Route 360, staying on Route 646, whose name changes to Brickyard Road, which winds back to Route 360 to Reedville

To reach Smith Point–the most eastern location within the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail network–and a private campground where you can take a cruise to Smith Island, take Route 802 off of Route 652 where you will see the Smith Point Light in the Potomac River. When returning, just outside of Reedville, take Fleeton Road/Route 657 to the end of the waterfront community of Fleeton.

Reedville includes several restaurants, bed and breakfasts and cottage rentals, an ice cream shop and the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum. Overnight stays in Reedville provide the time to take a cruise to Tangier Island, to Smith Island and to explore other bicycling loops on the Northern Neck. To reach Point Lookout on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, part of the Tidewater Potomac Bicycling Route, the Adventure Cycling Association suggests that you hire a private fishing boat to ferry you across: Captain Danny Crabbe of Crabbes Charter Fishing has been offering this service to cyclists for years, but you will need to make reservations.


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